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Lokal Curators are passionate explorers in search of the most authentic experiences, hidden gems, top-rated tours, scoops, and tips that bring out the best their local destination has to offer. They are city experts and travel guides with great storytelling abilities.


Lokal Curators are outgoing, sociable, creative, and engaged, bringing a cultural richness to the Lokalee team. Active on social media, they build strong relationships with local affiliates, spreading the word about their favorite local experiences.

What makes a Lokal Curator? 


​Lokal Curators are expected to possess an in-depth understanding of their city and community and to be on top of what’s hip and happening in their area. They should also have exceptional photography skills. The most effective Lokal Curators are able to present a fresh and unique perspective of their city.

Expert in Destination Management with Personal Touch

Our heroes create a distinctive experience by listing, curating, and advocating for exclusive local content. These guides not only research crucial recommendations, emerging trends, and urbane insights of the city, but they also bring forward an authentic curation of local experiences relevant to the destination.

Establish a Network & Promote

Local Heroes establish relationships with local affiliates in the lifestyle business and leisure sector, and represent the company at appropriate meetings and conferences regarding destination management. They present strategies and recommendations to promote and well-position Lokalee in the local market, showing its benefits, added value, and competitive advantage.

Identify Trends & Needs

Consistently pinpoint market needs and align them with partners' challenges to propose new ideas or scenarios for experiences. They undertake and deliver competitive assessments and market research, converting ideas into viable actions that yield business outcomes.

Vibrant Storytelling

Our Heroes are not just guides- they are storytellers who bring the local culture to life with their great personality and photography skills. They share their experience in an exciting story-telling approach to give you the most memorable travel.

Mission & Superpowers


✓  Research online and offline key recommendations, trends, and insights

✓  Curate local and exclusive experiences

✓  Establish relationships with local affiliates

✓  Develop community and regional networks

✓  Conduct competitive analyses and market research

✓  Identify market needs and matching them with partners’ pain points


✓  Earn from every participation contract signed

✓  Earn from every social media content generated

✓  Earn from every experience video produced

✓  Gain access to complimentary invitations to big events and experiences

✓  Sharpen your photography and storytelling skills

✓  Meet new people and establish strong relationships with local affiliates


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