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Connect with a world of curated experiences through our AI-driven platform.

Lokalee | Holiday Homes
Lokalee | Hotel Chains

Powering guest experiences across three verticals

Lokalee | Destinations

Lokalee is a B2B content platform specifically developed for hotels and holiday homes, designed to enhance guest interactions, simplify operations, and increase potential revenue.

The customizable white-label App allows your guests to browse and book everything your property and the destination has to offer, sourced by our Lokal Curators and supported by our global partners.

Elevate your guests’ experiences with Lokalee’s personalized recommendations for what to do, see, taste, and feel while staying at your property. Curated itineraries are based on your guests’ location, preferences, the purpose of their visit, and available time. 

We’ve got you sorted!

Lokalee Platform
Lokalee | Seamless Implementation

Experience the Undeniable Impact of Our Innovation

Lokalee enables businesses to remain at the forefront of the constantly evolving travel industry

Seamless Implementation

A platform engineered for effortless plug-and-play deployment, guaranteeing a smooth and trouble-free implementation process that harmonizes with existing operations

Boosted Productivity

Boosted Productivity and Time-Saving Enhancements

A platform engineered for effortless plug-and-play deployment, guaranteeing a smooth and trouble-free implementation process that harmonizes with existing operations

Lokalee Revenue Streams

Untapped Revenue Streams

Uncovering new revenue opportunities & revealing a trove of hidden opportunities by connecting guests with local experiences, activities, and excursions, increasing businesses' profit margins

Lokalee Versatitlity & Adaptability

Versatility & Adaptability

A versatile platform accommodating a wide range of business sizes and requirements, crafting tailored solutions for hotels and holiday homes alike across various destinations

Lokalee Content Management

Effortless Content Management & Enhanced User Experience

Streamlined and inventive content management system enables users to customize their web app, showcase their amenities, and utilize data analytics for their facilities and transactions to increase revenue





Lokalee Blogger
Lokalee Blogger
Lokalee Blogger
Lokalee Blogger

Our Corps of Lokal Curators

Our proprietary destination information is sourced and curated by local experts around the world

Our travelers get direct access to this curated, up-to-date content which covers everything from dining, sports and outdoor experiences to events, attractions, and promotions. Through our Local Curators, hotels and holiday homes can tap into their extensive network of followers, boosting your brand visibility

Tours & Activities

Explore Categories

Food & Wine Tourism

  • Sightseeing tours

  • Boat trips

  • Paragliding, rafting, kayaking

  • Theme parks

  • ATV & Off-Road Tours

  • Sailing and cruising trips

  • Museums and exhibitions

  • Historic sites

  • Traditional crafts

  • Family farms with local products

  • Wine tours and tastings

  • Craft beers tasting

  • Local gastro tours

  • Cheese & olive oil tastings

  • Cooking classes

  • National parks

  • Safari Tours

  • Guided Nature Tours

  • Bird Watching Tours

  • Bike tours & rentals

  • Hiking and trekking

  • Windsurfing & jet-ski

  • Safari Tours

Lokalee Categories
Lokalee Categories
Lokalee Categories
Lokalee Categories
Lokalee Categories

" We found in Lokalee a partner who can help us fulfil and enhance the guest experience through a very friendly portal. It’s a great tool that complements the role of any concierge team: by scanning the QR code, the web app highlights your hotel's features and promotions.”

Fares Karam
Guest Experience Manager
Melia Desert Palm Hotel
Fares Karam
Melia Desert Palm

"Lokalee's webapp is an amazingly useful tool for our hotel guests and it helps them discover the city around our location(s) and all the unique experiences they can have. The team is extremely helpful and professional and I am very pleased with our partnership and looking forward to more successes together.”

Amal Harb
Corporate VP Marketing
Rotana Hotels
Amal Harb
Rotana Hotel

"We are pleased to have integrated Lokalee into our services. Our guests appreciate this digital concierge app, which has been fully customized for our needs. It lets us put forward our services and promote our offers in a new, innovative way."

Aline Ibrahim
Director of Marketing & PR
Sofitel Dubai Downtown
Aline Ibrahim
Sofitel Downtown Dubai

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