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Welcome to Lokalee

Our Platform

Lokalee is a B2B AI-powered content platform specifically developed for hotels and holiday homes, designed to enhance guest interactions, simplify operations, and increase potential revenue.

The customizable white-label App allows your guests to browse and book everything your property and the destination has to offer, sourced by our Lokal Curators and supported by our global partners.

What we do

An innovative travel planning solution offering you a customizable route to deliver extraordinary guest experiences.

Founder & CEO

Samir Abifrem

Samir Abi Frem, Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Digital Technology, boasts decades of executive experience in the global hospitality sector, having held a number of leading technology roles. Combining his expertise in computer science and information technology with hotel management, Samir provides a clear vision for Advanced Digital Technology, along with unique insights and vision for this global start-up, stemming from his extensive hospitality background.

Samir Abifrem
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Mohamed Daher

Chief Technology Officer

Mohamad Daher

With over 18 years in the IT game, Mohamad is a full-stack engineer with some serious chops in the MERN Stack and AI. Whether navigating the vast corporate seas or riding the startup waves, he's seen it all. He's got a knack for leading dynamic teams, breathing life into innovative ideas, and geeking out over JavaScript, digital ads, and those clever artificial intelligence tricks. Always with an eye on the next tech horizon!

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Makram Radwan

Head of Destination Management

Makram Radwan

Recognized for his passion for travel and photography, the key reasons that led him to be a content creator, Makram loves discovering new places and trying out new experiences. He feels lucky to combine his passion with his daily job. He is always up-to-date with the latest news and trends to make sure he provides the best local recommendations on Lokalee.

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Jad Slim

Head of Product

Jad Alsalim

A 15-year experienced professional supporting European, American, and GCC markets; in building and scaling their digital products. Jad's skill set has grown tremendously since college to include: Web Development, User Experience (UX), Insights & Strategy, Marketing, and Digital Product Management.

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Our Partners

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Our Team

We are a team of innovative technology and business development specialists with experience in the global hospitality industry.

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