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Lokalee Holiday Homes

Your Home, Your App.

Transform Your Holiday Homes into Destinations of Delight and Engines of Excitement.

One Platform, Infinite Adventures:

Book, Discover, and Thrive with Lokalee

The Perfect Travel Companion

Hotel Service Benefits

Guest Service Benefits



Utilize the LOKALEE PLUGIN to seamlessly integrate a recommendations widget or a call-to-action button into your website or app. This feature enables guests to kickstart their exploration or book activities while they're still in the planning stage.

Confirmation Email

Encourage guests to request a complete itenierary or utilize teh LOKALEE PLUGIN with personalized content through our Recommendations Widget.

Pre-Stay Emails

Include the LoKALEE PLUGIN in your emails to ensure your guests have every opportunity to explore the destination.

Welcome Email

Incorporate the hotel's Lokalee page in your communication with guests to provide them with a centralized hub for both in-property and destination activities.

Guest Facing Technology

Integrate Lokalee into your hotel's in-room control apps or meeting platforms.

Touchpoints Revolution with Lokalee

Step into the future of guest interaction with Lokalee's strategically stationed NFC touchpoints and QR codes within your hotel premises. These technologies welcome guests to instantly access your web app and start booking.