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Lokalee Connects Event in Dubai – First Edition

Dubai, May 8, 2024 

We had the pleasure of hosting the first edition of our Lokalee Connects event at the stylish 25hours Hotel One Central in Dubai. This exclusive supper club experience was designed to immerse our esteemed curators and hotel partners in the world of Lokalee and showcase the enriching experiences we craft for hotel guests. 

The event started with a warm welcome, setting the stage for a night of networking and collaboration. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as industry professionals mingled and shared insights. 

The highlight of the evening was an exquisite culinary journey, curated by a top chef, that featured a fusion of international flavors. This gastronomic adventure was a testament to Dubai's rich culinary scene, delighting our guests with each carefully crafted dish. 

In addition to the delightful supper, the event featured insightful discussions on emerging trends and opportunities within the travel and hospitality sectors. Our curators and hotel partners shared their experiences and perspectives, fostering a spirit of community and innovation. 

The first edition of Lokalee Connects was a resounding success, providing a platform for meaningful connections and future collaborations. We are grateful to all who attended and contributed to making this event memorable. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we look forward to bringing you the next edition of Lokalee Connects.


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