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Uncover Caribbean Hidden Gems!

Who doesn’t dream about travelling to the Caribbean? Learn more about our local heroes' involvement in these islands.This idyllic travel destination is perfect for honeymooners, families and adventurers alike as it boasts some of the most incredible spots to explore around the world. White sandy beaches, authentic cuisine, breathtaking landscapes, countless entertainment and recreation activities, and of course, rich history, as many of these islands and archipelagos were colonized by European countries who left their mark on local cultures. The Caribbean Sea is home to twenty-five different countries, which have welcomed around 17 million people in 2022 alone. Barbados, Curaçao and The Bahamas are three of the most-eyed locations in the region, having received together over 2 million tourists last year. Each one of them has a unique story to tell and hidden gems that continue to attract millions of tourists from around the globe, year-round. That’s why Lokalee went on a quest to find passionate local heroes in each of them to curate exclusive experiences for globetrotters who seek immersive journeys and lesser-known trails, away from tourist traps and mass attractions. Lokalee’s heroes in Barbados, Curaçao and The Bahamas are born wanderers with an insatiable appetite for adventure and discovery. Their love for the Caribbean has led them to venture where no one has before, only to come back with new exciting itineraries for every type of visitor, enabling the latter to make the best out of every moment, and to return back home with a head full of lifetime memories. In The Bahamas, our local heroes have reserved for you the best aquatic adventures. Enjoy Blue Lagoon dolphin encounters and swim with the dolphins in Nassau or Freeport. You will get to explore The Bahamas top beaches and countless off-road tourist sites. If exotic luxury is what you cherish the most, they will take you to Mullins Grove and give you a taste of local flavors with rum tasting in Barbados. Nature lovers are also served here, as the island’s caves reveal their stunning wonders. None of the hidden gems in Barbados will remain a mystery to you, including top restaurants and culinary addresses frequented by locals. Moreover, our heroes have dag up some of the coolest things to do in Curaçao, including unmissable tourist attractions combined with a few charming stops off the beaten track; from Williwood’s spectacular wilderness where you can watch flamingoes basking in their natural habitat, to the historic Pietermaai district, the perfect backdrop to capture instagrammable moments. Intrigued? Time to dive into a bounty of unforgettable experiences by Lokalee’s heroes spread over 150 cities. Tour the world like a local; never feel like a tourist again!


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