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Lokalee Partners with UXE Security Solutions

The digital hospitality concierge platform has been embedded in the smart property access app Keyless for the holiday home rental industry in Dubai

Dubai, March 13, 2024.

Dubai-based Lokalee, an AI-powered content platform for hotels and holiday homes, has partnered with UXE Security Solutions for the integration of Lokalee into the smart property access app Keyless.

Keyless is a premier solution for seamless access management for property owners, managers, and guests, eliminating the need for physical keys altogether by transforming a smartphone into a key. It is a unique ecosystem that offers convenience, sustainability, and security for both hosts and their guests, creating a safe and secure environment.

The app is launched in association with the Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) and Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism.

With the embedment of Lokalee's innovative content platform, the Keyless app takes a significant step forward in improving the overall guest experience for the short-term rental industry in Dubai. Lokalee’s AI-powered content enables guests to browse and book everything the property and Dubai as a destination has to offer, sourced by Lokal Curators and supported by global partners. Designed to make life simpler and more convenient for guests, Lokalee’s user-friendly platform include features such as digital concierge, tailored itineraries for guest activities, easy access to useful local services, AI trip planner, and a live chat for support.

“The partnership with UXE Security Solutions is of significant importance to us, as it validates Lokalee’s standing as a trusted player in the growing holiday home industry. Being approved as a partner in the Keyless app aligns with our mission to innovate the guest experience while also meeting Dubai’s strict regulatory guidelines,” said Samir Abi Frem, CEO of Advanced Digital Technology and Lokalee.

About Lokalee

Lokalee is a B2B, fully customizable content platform for hotels and holiday homes, designed to enhance guest interactions, simplify operations, and increase potential revenue. AI-powered, the interactive platform enables properties to connect digitally with guests from pre-arrival to post-departure. Guests can browse and book everything the property and the destination has to offer and receive curated experiences and authentic recommendations sourced by our Lokal Curators and supported by our global partners. The plug and play white-label SaaS platform can be branded and customized for the hotel or holiday home.


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