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Our Local Heroes

Discover the World’s Best Destinations Through the Eyes of Our Local Heroes.

Travel is a doorway to a different dimension. It is a fascinating journey of the senses, that fuels the imagination and enables discovery around every corner, and the best travel experiences have proven to be those exceptional journeys that immerse a visitor in the local culture. While tourists get their destination guides and flyers with basic information about main landmarks from travel agencies, official tourism offices, and travel blogs, avid travelers and passionate explorers look for the real deal by searching for 100% authentic experiences only known and enjoyed by locals, away from commercial listings. To be able to curate such experiences, an AI-powered web application like Lokalee relies on Local Heroes to curate, list, and recommend exclusive and local content for every destination. Accordingly, through its robust network of Local Heroes, Lokalee is upgrading the traveler’s experience and transforming the hotel guest’s journey, by enabling them to ‘go lokal’ and giving them exclusive access to a wealth of curated local experiences. This way, visitors will never have to be tourists again. In fact, Lokalee’s Local Heroes are city experts and off-city guides savvies, who have an innate passion for digging up hidden gems, hunting unique local experiences, and uncovering places, spots and addresses that remain unpicked by mass tourism. Currently present across the Middle East and the Caribbean, their ultimate mission is to gather bespoke local recommendations and unique content about cities and destinations Lokalee’s hospitality partners operate in. Such curated content is aimed at enhancing the tourist’s experience by bringing out the best a city has to offer, enabling visitors to unlock the latest news, events, and interesting information about a place or site to visit, as well as discover what’s trending in a city, stay up-to-date, and enjoy the city’s ins and outs. In addition to local experiences, Local Heroes create themed itineraries that make it easier for every type of traveler to explore their favorite destination based on their personality and preferences. From sports fans to romantic souls, born adventurers to yogis, travelers will be spoiled for choice with the best in local restaurants and cafés, touristic activities, cultural spots, and hidden gems featured. Every planned itinerary includes favorite local stops to be enjoyed in a specific order throughout a day, for visitors to make the best out of every moment in their destination, from dawn to the stroke of midnight and beyond. Cherry on top, users can choose to skip a stop or replace it with a suggested alternative, as Lokalee’s rich content allows for such flexibility. So far, the curated experiences are spanning top touristic destinations like Dubai, Barbados, Bahamas and Curacao. Our Local Heroes still have thousands of extraordinary local experiences to curate and share, as Lokalee makes its way to new cities. Stay tuned!!


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