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New Trends in the Hospitality Industry

Learn more about the latest trends and industry shifts.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, trends in the global tourism and hospitality industry started shifting, paving the way for a new era. Caught up in their busy daily lives and juggling growing responsibilities in an increasingly competitive world, travelers are claiming a return to the source, closer encounters with nature, more authentic experiences, and intense moments that touch them to the core. It’s the rise of eco-friendly hotels, and guests from around the world are loving it! Whether already established or newly opened, global hospitality chains, boutique hotels and charming guesthouses have started adopting more sustainable practices that appeal to eco-conscious travelers, seeking new ways of reducing their carbon footprint, mitigating climate change and contributing to the preservation of Planet Earth. Such eco-friendly practices are wide-ranging: from green architecture to organic farming, hotels are taking the matter seriously. We’re seeing more and more establishments opt for minimalistic designs that seamlessly blend in their natural environment – whether on exotic islands, in the depth of green mountains, or in the desert - to reduce visual pollution and carbon footprint alike, relying on recyclable building materials and renewable sources of energy. Some hotels are going even further by choosing to furnish their interiors with recycled pieces or handmade furniture made by local craftsmen. In their F&B operations, hotels are taking pride in supporting organic farmers, highlighting that they offer fresh, farm-to-table dishes, sourced from local producers, and banking on the appeal of authentic flavors. They’re also reducing use of plastic across their facilities. Moreover, hotels are encouraging guests to adopt greener habits during their stay, including turning off unnecessary lights, limiting housekeeping and laundry services and managing water consumption. Guests’ comfort and convenience are all prioritized, of course, yet with greater respect to the environment. Eco-friendly hotels, however, are only part of a larger trend which favors authentic experiences over mass touristic attractions. From wildlife adventures and nature exploration to traditional souks, hidden culinary gems, heritage sites, pristine beaches and geographic wonders, travelers want to immerse themselves in local cultures, embark on timeless journeys that enable them to engage all their senses and eternalize their present moment. Yet, going back to nature and constantly seeking genuinely enriching experiences have not halted the quest for luxury and comfort, as many travelers are still attached to the convenience of city life, and mushrooming glamping sites, are here to illustrate the rising need to combine proximity to nature with modern life essentials, such as keeping connected with loved ones while travelling. Consequently, even the most remote hotels and secluded havens have incorporated cutting-edge technologies into their operations to provide guests with an exceptional stay that allows them to disconnect with the hustle and bustle of the city, while retaining an exclusive access to WiFi, Smart TVs, Netflix, and the latest AI-powered applications like Lokalee which offer a real added value to hotels. Technology has, thus, become a new standard for luxury in the hospitality sector, elevating the customer experience to new heights. And there’s more. Technology has also transformed the way hotels promote their facilities and offerings. In the last few years, social media influencers and travel bloggers have become the kings and queens of marketing for hospitality and tourism establishments from around the globe. Whether paid for their services or not, these globetrotters share detailed reviews that illustrate their hospitality experiences through videos, photos and sometimes real-time broadcast, enabling millions of followers to project themselves in the facilities and pushing hotel sales up. Trends in the global hospitality and tourism sector keep evolving, with a clear tendency towards a more personalized experience altogether, a quest for more simple – but not necessarily less luxurious – settings, and a clear drive to explore destinations from a local’s perspective, which is why introducing Lokalee makes perfect sense. Stay tuned for more hospitality and tourism trends soon!


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