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Lokalee and the Use of Artificial Intelligence

Lokalee is transforming hotel guest experiences through Artificial Intelligence and innovative technology.Developed by Advanced Digital Technology, Lokalee is a travel and lifestyle mobile application built on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital innovation. The app is driven by a skilled team of international hospitality and technology professionals who are going to great lengths to transform the concepts of travel, hospitality and tourism through bespoke, mobile, and unique lifestyle experiences. It is no secret that AI will transform the hospitality experience worldwide, as hotels are ready to adopt cutting-edge AI technologies, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic, to communicate with guests in a better, safer and more impactful way. However, that’s just part of the story. For our webapp Lokalee, AI is a game-changer and the main differentiator. It stands at the core of our business model, as it helps us create smart and connected hotels, while also digitizing the concierge service solution. By analyzing guest behaviors, Lokalee can provide hyper personalized recommendations to the user based on their geo location, purpose of visit, available time, and personal preferences. Lokalee represents the future of the hospitality industry which is gradually shifting towards the full digitization of the guest journey. However, AI and technology in this specific sector can only serve their purpose if they were part of an integrated, dynamic platform that prioritizes the guest experience, and that’s what Lokalee is all about. Hotels are implementing new processes all around the world, and on a daily basis, to offer guests the most innovative hospitality experience. Through our AI-based webapp, we’re powering this quest and enabling marketing and operations teams within the hospitality sector to achieve their goal, provide exceptional experiences, and ensure full guest satisfaction.


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